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10 Amazing Images Before After Photoshop
When the name of a software becomes a verb, you can imagine the impact it has had on the industry. Adobe Photoshop was released on 19 February 1990 and it changed the creative business forever with its powerful features and ease of use.I'm a new Text block ready for your content. [Read More...]
If Superheroes had Indian Moms
What if superheroes had Indian moms? Must watch these exciting stories. [Read more...]
What do artists American artist Robert DeJesus and Lance Phan have in common? They both turn strangers into awesome characters. However, while DeJesus does anime caricatures , Phan creates portraits that are much more Pixar-like. [Read More...]
Your body’s a liar. Sure, sometimes it awards you with endorphins and serotonin, but it also has a lot of fun at your expense. Weng Chen, the artist behind The Adventures of Messy Cow, illustrated some of the dirtiest tricks her body has ever pulled on her, and it involves a lot of clothes. [Read More...]
Image is a strange thing. At the back of our mind, we all have an image of how something or some place is. The same goes for professions. Most of us think that people from Gujarat are great businessmen and people from Bangalore are really good engineers. You will be amazed by these posters. [Read More...]
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